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Liz’s Top Tips!

The Just Ironing Company’s Owner Liz shares her 12 top laundry tips!


  1. Always check garments for washing instructions.


  1. Always separate whites from colours. Sort first, wash second.


  1. Wash colours inside out, it stops them from fading.


  1. To keep white laundry white, soak overnight in water with a cup of lemon juice, It will refresh the whiteness.


  1. Use a fabric softener, it will keep your clothes smelling fresher for longer and feel softer on the skin and look great when pressed.


  1. Always shake washing out when taking out of the washing machine and put shirts onto hangers to dry, they will be less creased.


  1. Dry woollens flat, not on hangers so they keep their shape.


  1. When tumble drying towels, to save time and energy, put a dry towel in with the wet laundry.


  1. Do not tumble dry for too long, it shrinks clothes and creases the fabric fibres.


  1. Always fold dry washing before sending it to be ironed your ironing will look far better.


  1. If you can’t find the missing sock, use them to polish your shoes, they fit well on your hand.